Bread & Wine Tour


A tour of the Historic Laucke Family Waterwheel Flour Mill, the only family owned mill in Australia and producers of the highest quality and variety, are much sort after by a wide selection of the baking industry.

Next door, nestled amongst the original vines is the Cummings’ family owned Waterwheel Winery, storage, bottling and tasting complex. A talk and tasting, followed by afternoon tea under the shade, before visiting the Solar Energy training facility.

Two Gardens For Wildlife, Indigenous Flora And Sustainability


Both on the banks of the Loddon River at Bridgewater, but with different outcomes. One features unique garden art, and a photographic/art gallery and a great spot for afternoon tea.  A short walk over the Loddon River Bridge to admire the River Foreshore Development, then to the Arts of Olde Gallery, and the Secret Platypus, featuring authentic Northern Australia Aboriginal art, fabrics and crafts.

Gold Fever Tour


Starting at the Loddon Visitor Centre for an overview of the region, its products, places and people, then on to Hard Hill Reserve, an old mining site to watch the production of Eucalyptus oil at the “Stew Pot”; includes a gold detector demonstration, whilst enjoying afternoon tea.

A tour of the town passes Jacka Park before arriving at the Coach House Museum & Gallery for a tour of the old grocer’s shop, The Gallery and “Smithy” with the old funeral, horse drawn coach as a highlight.

Two Loddon “Iconic” Venues


Firstly, we head to Simply Green Tomatoes and Aussie Wool Quilts. These globally distributed specialty green tomatoes and woollen quilts, pillows and comfort products they have developed provide a healthy, natural alternative to synthetics. Enjoy a tasting of green tomato products and sales.

Further north, we head to the expansive gardens of the much acclaimed “Spanner Man” with John Piccoli and wife Sonya; the perfect setting for Johns Spanner Sculpture. Wander the expansive gardens and enjoy afternoon tea to the sound of the Macaws.

“Liquid Gold” – Eucalyptus Oil Industry


Start at the Inglewood Eucalyptus Museum, for a talk demo and video on the century plus history of this product in the Inglewood Region. Check out the variety of value-added products available.

Then we “go bush” to see some of the Eucalyptus plantations and the operational Distillery Kiln. During afternoon tea the Abbot family will talk about the development of the Super Blue Mallee and plans for the industry.

Inglewood Historical Society Court Re-enactment


This is a short walking tour to various venues. The refurbished Court House is the venue for a light-hearted look back at the Justice system the “Gold Boom’ era in this town, but don’t catch the eye of the Judge! Lots of laughs and a quick history of the courthouse.  Then, a short walk to the Inglewood & District Health Services for a chat over afternoon tea, about the scope of facilities and services provided for the community.

A return walk to the Town Hall will take in St Mary’s Catholic Church and St. Augustine’s Anglican Church.

Kooyoora State Park Indigenous Cultural Tour

Loddon Valley

This local State Park features majestic granite boulders and sweeping views of the countryside from the lookout. This is home to the Dja Dja Wurrung People. Sit under their inspired shelter and watch and learn how to make string, using traditional indigenous grasses, by an elder, as well as plans for the culturally rich area. (Includes short walks on uneven terrain).

Tarnagulla: Historic Gold Mining Town


The township of Tarnagulla, also known as the Town of Churches, has a virtually untouched Street Scape.

Visit the original Victoria Theatre, opened in 1861, where miners threw nuggets at the feet of Lola Montez when she performed her famous “Spider Dance.” Dame Nellie Melba also entertained in this magnificent historic building.  Local operatic identity Rachel Buckley will demonstrate the amazing acoustics of this historic theatre and we will enjoy afternoon tea.

Local artist Joe Jakitsch has his studio in the old Catholic Church. Joe has a diverse range of sketches and paintings, and over the years has won many prizes.  Harold Shipston will speak on the light-hearted side of Tarnagulla’s history and Squirrel Gully Saffron will bring their gourmet gift range of products, including unique individually hand-dyed saffron silk scarves and take-home packs of Squirrel Gully Saffron.

East Loddon Region

Various, including Dingee and Mitiamo

Heading to the small town of Dingee where you will hear of the history of the P12 college and see the WW1 Memorial Pillars as well.  Visit the Dingee Bush Nursing Hospital and drop into the old railway station where you will see how it has been refurbished by the Dingee CWA and hosts the Goldfields Library.

Touring up to Mitiamo, you will visit a unique Golf Course in the Terrick Terrick National Park and enjoy afternoon tea at a homestead.

Mushroom Farm And Lockwood


Head across to Newbridge to Scato Plus which is 15 minutes out of Bridgewater and meet the producers of quality grown mushroom compost. See the range of compost products suitable for medium and large-scale mushroom growing operations. Scato Plus offer Australian wide delivery for Phase 2 and Phase 3 compost and can also assist clients with other mushroom growing supplies. Check out their full range of products and gather an understanding of the work that goes into producing over 500 tonnes of phase 3 compost per week.