Guest speakers

Marylin Fernandez-02

Marilyn Fernandez Pyramid Hill Filipino Community Representative
Marilyn Fernandez, born and raised in Northern Philippines, was one of a family of six. Migrating to Australia in 2008 to work at Kia-Ora Piggery, her family joined her a year later. Currently living in Pyramid Hill, Marilyn has been a representative of the Filipino community, and part of the Pyramid Hill Fiesta Committee since 2015. Marilyn participated in the Loddon Murray Community Leadership Program in 2017, which she enjoyed immensely. Currently Vice President of the United Filipino Organisation, Marilyn is extremely passionate about helping those in need.


Robyn Annear Author
Robyn Annear is the author of five books of history, including Bearbrass: Imagining Early Melbourne and Nothing but Gold: The Diggers of 1852. Her podcast ‘Nothing on TV’ presents stories from Trove historical newspapers. Robyn’s latest book is Nothing New: A History of Second-hand


Leah Sertori Executive Officer, CLIM
Leah Sertori is an experienced community leader. Currently EO of LEAD Loddon Murray whose primary goal is to build vibrant and sustainable leaders in the Loddon Murray region. She is highly experienced with over ten years experience in executive roles, including facilitation into leadership for private, government and community sectors, as well as a range of executive roles.

Leah is passionate about developing leaders to ensure smaller rural communities have the capacity and capability within to keep the fires burning and ensure a few do not bear all the work, which so often result in burnout.


Genevieve Barlow Community Relations Consultant, Journalist & Writer, Renewable Newstead
Genevieve Barlow has been working with other volunteers in Newstead to create a model for powering the town on renewable energy that’s accessible to everybody and doesn’t cost the earth. The project is called Renewable Newstead. It’s a small-scale solar park. Gen moved to Newstead 20 years ago. She’s also a writer, journalist and radio producer.


Karen Corr Make A Change Australia
For the last decade Karen’s highest priority has been advocating for positive change. Grounded in an optimism about what people offer, Karen has worked extensively in the development and strengthening of community, as a foundation to a world that works.

Starting her career as an environmental engineer, working in water and environment sectors for government agencies and businesses, Karen is also committed to environmental protection, restoration and related matters. Her driver is to activate and invigorate community led solutions, for which partnership with government agencies, visionary organisations and committed individuals is critical.