Health & Wellbeing

Shopping Self Directed

Explore the vintage, antique, knick knack and Ops shops of Inglewood. With many interesting and unusual things to find in this historic town.

Saturday and Sunday

Bare foot Bowls Bev Taig

Enjoy a special game of bowls, have a laugh and learn a new skill and have some fun. Bowls equipment supplied.

Inglewood Bowls Club


Natural Ways to ‘Revitalise’ with Homeopathy Sue Vanderbosh

Using natural therapies to “Revitalise” Mind, Body Spirit with homeopathy, wholefoods and complementary therapies.

Clinic at 54 Brooke St Inglewood

Saturday and Sunday

Dancing for Fun and Fitness Dee Dee

Learn to move in time to music, Learn some dances. Learn to laugh at one’s self. Self-satisfaction of being part of a group with enjoyment.

Inglewood RSL Hall

Saturday and Sunday

Women in Policing Victoria Police

Local committee meet regularly – recruitment – safety on farms – family violence.


Farm Diversity

Alpacas as Herd Guards Karin Lob

Alpacas as Guards; chooks, goats, lambs and wildlife. What will they protect and when? Are they worth the extra mouths to feed? I use them as guards but how do I take the best care of them? What can I do with their fibre?

Red Ballon Farm, Bridgewater


Local Food Distribution Meg Hannes 

Meggs Hannes has been working in the food distribution area for over 16 years in Central Victoria and Melbourne. She offers this presentation to women seeking information on the various distribution networks available to primary producers, keen gardeners/craftspeople currently.

There will be a strong focus on farmers markets and other alternatives to supermarket supply. Meggs seeks to inspire those in attendance to think outside the box & diversify their farm income while connecting with community.


Soils for Life Jo Hortin – Angel Organics

Based on organic principals patrons will learn how to care and look after their farm and leave with a booklet on best practices on caring for your soil’.

Saturday and Sunday

Workplace Health and Safety on the Farm

This workshop will assist participants to understand the general requirements of health and safety on the farm, what documentation is needed and what records should be kept. Participants will receive a USB with sample templates, policies and procedures to assist them in setting up the basics and be provided with a number of sources of free information.


Environment & Gardening

Propagate Plants Kate Lee

Grow your own native or exotic species from cuttings, layering or seed. Tips for success including material to use and times for seed and or cutting collection. Presented by Mt Korong EcoWatch Nursery.


Dryland Gardening

Establishing a garden that is waterwise and generally tolerant to tough times.


Herbs; Garden, Kitchen, Composting Nicholle Leech

Why grow herbs – because they are so versatile and easy to grow. Herbs will be on display, are versatile and easy to grow and use in kitchen, garden and compost.


Life in the bush from an insect’s point of view Michael Barkla AKA Moth McBug

Powerpoint presentation showing life (in groups) of insects in the bush.


Personal Development

Mental Health and First Aid on the Farm Lauren Zappo – RFDS

Mental health awareness on farms and learn about the Flying Doctors Kids Club.

Saturday and Sunday

Beginning the journey of personal memory writing Lorraine Marwood

Beginning the journey of writing your family childhood memories by acquiring skills like ‘show and tell’ and details in writing. Polish a little vignette of your life that is fresh and entertaining. Lorraine Marwood is a well published author, children’s poet and workshop presenter.

Saturday and Sunday

Capturing the Light – An introduction to Digital Photography Rob Scholes

Overview on how a camera works and how your camera settings effects the results you achieve. A camera for this session is not essential but if you have one please bring it with you as well as the operating manual.

Rob Scholes Bridgewater Studio

Saturday and Sunday

Tactics for Tough Times Paul Lacy

The tactics for Tough Times Program delivers short interactive sessions that encourage people in rural communities to “look out for” and “after each other”, be it family member, friend, neighbour or business client.

Saturday, Sunday by demand


Genealogy Judy Roy

How to get started in tracing your family. Learn what resources are available and how to go about it.

Saturday and Sunday

Rewriting your story, Revitalising Bronwyn Griffis

Do you feel stuck, wondering “what the …” Are you defined by your role, your financial status, your weight, your education, your gender? “Wake yourself up” and make your life amazing.


Culture & Craft

Basket Weaving with Rafia Aunty Lorraine Brigdale

Make a small basket from rafia using the coil method. Learn and make so you can make at home.


Plant and Floral Wreath Making Aunty Lorraine Brigdale

Make a small basket from rafia using the coil method. Learn and make so you can make at home.


Anchor Ink Cards Ainsley McPherson

Create two blank cards with alcohol inks on Yupo paper.


Terracotta Pot Painting Ainsley McPherson

A pot for decorating will be supplied.


Fun with Feathers Jenny Hosking

Create your own unique headwear for a special day using feathers and finery.

Hub Meeting Room


Repair, Re-use and Recycle Your Wardrobe Anni Maraldo

Helping people to extend the life of garments by adding embellishments and fabric, or using existing fabrics in different ways. Scraps are works of art just waiting to happen. Please bring any garments, buttons, lace, ties, doyleys etc to play with. A sewing machine will be available for shared use.

Saturday and Sunday

Face Mask Making Mary-Anne Schull

To make a plaster cast of your face which will enable you to make a mask that fits.
This experience will overcome any fear of confined spaces and enable you to completely trust your partner. The process will only take 15 to 30 minuets. If you choose the second session you could paint and decorate mask.

Saturday and Sunday